Top 8 barriers to weight loss and how to combat them

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When transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, resistance is inevitable. 

But how you deal with the pushback matters.

In this blog post, we’re going to examine common weight loss obstacles you may be facing and give you strategies to overcome them so you can live a life that is more aligned with your goals. 

Weight loss objections

1. I don't have time to make healthy meals

Solution: Plan your meals

Do you find yourself craving a meal that is both healthy and satisfying, only to return to the reliable instant ramen when it comes time for dinner?

We get it — cooking is the last thing on your mind after a long workday. 

But by taking the time to plan your meals before the start of the upcoming week, you eliminate the mental gymnastics your mind goes through when deciding on what to eat at the last minute, and you increase your chances of making healthier food choices. 

Read Well + Easy’s 5 Benefits of Low GI Meal Planning to learn more. 

2. I don't know how to cook

Solution: Meal subscription services

 Preparing a meal can feel like a daunting task to any novice chef…

That’s why meal subscription services are the perfect solution!

Not only do they provide you with ingredients and step-by-step instructions to guide you in the kitchen, but they’re also customizable, i.e., you can personalize them to your dietary and weight loss needs. 

3. I don't like fruits and vegetables

Solution: Get creative 

The world is bigger than steamed broccoli and apple slices. 

On a low GI diet, you have several varieties of fruits and vegetables to choose from, and a quick internet search will reveal the many ways you can get creative with your options.

For example, use cauliflower for a pizza crust instead of white flour; zucchini instead of pasta noodles; turn frozen fruit into popsicles for a fun snack. 

4. My family doesn't like to try new foods

Solution: Cook together

Cooking doesn't have to be a dreaded solitary activity. Turn the act of preparing a meal into a fun bonding experience that the entire family can enjoy. Involving them in recipe selection, shopping, and meal prep, gets them excited to participate while removing the fear of trying unknown foods as they know what to expect come mealtime.

5. I like to snack at night

Guess what? Losing weight is possible when following a low GI diet, even if you’re a self-proclaimed midnight snacker. 

It’s all about the choices you make and setting up your kitchen to support your weight loss goals. This means removing overly processed foods from your pantry and replacing them with whole food alternatives. 

Instead of snacking on sugary cookies before bed, opt for a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit with some nut butter. 

6. Weight loss diets don't work for me

Solution: Eat low GI

What often occurs in dieting is weight cycling or the “yo-yo effect.” This is a pattern where people lose weight and quickly gain it back once the diet has stopped. 

If you’ve found yourself trapped in this cycle, Well and Easy has a better and healthier solution for you — eat low GI. 

A low GI diet isn’t a diet where you count calories and deprive yourself of essential nutrients but rather a way to lose weight sustainably while still enjoying a variety of foods. 

To learn more about eating low GI, read Well and Easy’s guide to The Low GI Diet.

7. Healthy foods are expensive

Solution: Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to shop exclusively at Whole Foods. In fact, we could argue that dining out or grabbing fast food frequently is more taxing on your wallet. 

When shopping on a budget:

  • Write a grocery list that aligns with your weight loss plan, and stick to it. 
  • Take advantage of coupons and buy the store brand as this is often cheaper.
  • Buy canned or frozen foods. Avoid those with added salt and sugar.

8. I don't like to cook

Solution: Start slow and easy

Cooking doesn’t have to be a burdensome task where every meal must look gourmet to be enjoyed. Some of the tastiest and most nutritious meals are the simplest to prepare.

For example, instead of choosing a sugary cereal for breakfast, opt for a blueberry smoothie; the prep work is easy and the fiber it provides will leave you feeling satisfied all morning. 


Weight loss has never been easier when eating low GI. Kickstart your metabolism with Well + Easy’s Low GI Starter Kit and feel better in your body, naturally.