3 tips for getting past a weight loss plateau (or insulin resistance)

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You ever lose weight, start feeling good, and then it just... stops? Like, you didn't change a thing, still eating healthy, working out, doing all the things right, but nothing is working and you wonder WHY?

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Hitting a weight loss plateau (or what we call resistance to insulin) is frustrating and defeating. But it's a real thing for millions of women.

This happened to me, and my mom, and almost every other woman I know— and I was reminded of it when a member reached out to me with this same question.

But this doesn't happen overnight. Your current health state (like insulin resistance) didn't happen from one day to the next. Insulin resistance takes decades to materialize in the body. It won't be fixed overnight, but it also won't take 20 years! It can be healed and reversed in about 4-6 weeks with balanced low glycemic meals. That's the really good news for you.
So how do you kickstart the weight loss again? 
Here's my top 3 tips for jump starting weight loss again:
  1. Eat more. Eat 5 meals a day. Don't exclude the snacks in between meals. We tend to think that eating less results in more weight loss, but the opposite is true! Eating balanced meals more frequently actually speeds up your metabolism. Whereas not eating enough slows it down. Your body basically goes into survival mode, thinking it's going to starve, so it burns energy at a slower rate. If you eat 5 meals, your metabolism will kick into full gear and continue burning steady throughout the day. 

  2. High protein breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. For women, eating a high protein breakfast within the first hour of waking up, jump starts fat burning. All of the meal plans in our membership are designed with this in mind, so they're all high protein. If you're not eating breakfast within 1 hour of waking, try it!

  3. Mindful movement or exercise. While exercising is not necessary to lose weight on this diet, it will help! Walking for 30 minutes a day, or finding hidden ways to exercise. We call this mindful movement: park further away from the store so you can walk. Take the stairs instead of an escalator. Carry groceries instead of using a cart, etc. Sneak it in! If you do exercise already, try switching it up with Internal workouts or HIIT workout first thing in the morning.


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