What is an easy detox and why you should do one

The elimination of toxins is important for good health and this can be done through an easy detox anytime. We’re exposed to toxins on a daily basis, from the food we eat to the air we breath and it all moves through our bodies. It’s important to make sure these chemicals are being eliminated—and also that the food we consume promotes healthy and well-being.
Detoxing is about giving your body a rest from toxic overload. An easy detox will help reduce the amount of filtering your body has to do, and you will have more energy and improve your health.

Hidden toxins we consume in our day to day

Pesticides, preservatives in our food, thickeners, flavorings in food, as well as chemical pollutants from factories are toxins we consume each day. Pesticides can cause different side effects like headaches, dizziness, nausea, stomach cramps, rashes, weight loss, and diarrhea. 
How toxins are damaging our bodies. The body will store any un-eliminated toxins in the body as fat and when the fat does not break down, it releases toxins into our blood stream. Similar is when our bodies hang on to excess water—our bodies work to dilute the toxins and this causes water retention. Essentially, the more toxins in our body, the more weight we carry. 
Toxins create free radicals. Toxins are created in things like heated or rancid oils, or even from too much alcohol. So, it’s important to eat things that help kill free radicals.

How to eliminate through an easy detox

  1. Up your intake in nutrition that kills free radicals: vitamin c, fibrous and antioxidant rich foods like organic fruits and vegetables—with the skin on!— that’s the fiber.
  2. Do a detox through your lungs, liver, bowel, skin, and kidneys. Nature has so beautifully provided these elimination routes and most of these paths are overloaded. 

You can get started with an easy detox by the following:

Follow these two simple steps to get started with an easy detox. During any detox it’s key to try to eat as clean as possible, eliminate any junk foods, and foods high in fat and salt. The idea is to give your body a rest and allow your systems to work on their optimum level. That said, start small, start where you are, and you will reap incredible benefits of more energy, natural weight loss, and feeling better in general.