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Every weight loss friendly home should be stocked with the delicious foods from our low glycemic foods list. Being healthy starts at home, and what better way to improve your health and achieve your goals, than having a kitchen that stocked with the essentials you need for a low glycemic diet. You can always make your favorite meals and snacks low GI simply by keep certain ingredients around. We love a good healthy swap, and this low glycemic foods list will give you the best start.

In my home, I like to have low glycemic ingredients on hand in order to make my favorite desserts or even late night snacks. My partner is the same way and must have something sweet after lunch and dinner. Yes, twice a day. I have managed to find healthy and tasty alternatives to all of his go-to snacks, and I’ll be sharing those below. 

When you sign up for the Well + Easy newsletter you immediately get access to our low glycemic grocery shopping list and a 7 day low glycemic meal plan to get you going in the right direction. You can use the grocery checklist we offer to take inventory of your kitchen and see the low GI foods you already have. Most people have many! This foods list you’re reading today, will give you some of the main brands that I shop and eat on regular basis. 

What’s on the low glycemic foods list

In the section, we’ll break down the different foods that you can eat for breakfast,  just a snack or as the base of your favorite meals. There’s plenty of great selections out there when it comes to eating a low glycemic diet. We’re here to make things simple. 

While many of these brands do not market themselves as low glycemic products, after much research we’ve discovered that so many of them are and typically say on the packaging or website. We’ll continue to do the research and update this doc as we go—make sure you save this article. 

Please note: we've provided links to the products so you can check them out or even shop the items on Amazon. However, we recommend checking your local grocery store as the items will be much cheaper.

So, what easy items can you add to your cart?

Low glycemic breakfast foods

Low glycemic breads

Low glycemic pasta options

Low glycemic snacks

Low glycemic desserts

Using this low glycemic foods list to grocery shop

  1. Download the kitchen checklist to see what low glycemic foods you already have in your kitchen.
  2. Print this low glycemic foods list article and take it with you to the grocery store so you can try some new items. 

If you’re shopping for convenience or not near a place that has these foods. The links provided throughout the article directly link to the products we love. You can shop right from this page by clicking on any of the products and foods that look good to you!

This low glycemic foods list is ever growing and meant to be a guide to support you on your low glycemic eating journey. It can be tough to find out what foods you can and cannot eat, but a few key things that can help you are to always read the label.