We're not another diet... 

In a lot of ways, low glycemic is the original or foundational diet. Most of the popular diets today (keto, paleo, WW, etc) are developed using low glycemic foods.

At Well + Easy we aren't women who diet, we're women who have a diet. A diet does not define who we are, it's something we do. 

We follow a set of smart and simple principles to achieve our health and weight goals using the easiest available method: low glycemic eating.

We specifically support women in their 30's and 40's who are living with any of the 3 "P's", PCOS, Pre-Diabetes, and Perimenopause. 

From the founder

Hey, I'm Jen! 
As a child, I remember telling my Mom I wanted to be like Oprah and help people. 

Well, I’m nowhere close to being like Oprah but I am helping people! That’s a start, right? ;) 

I began my specialization in low glycemic diet and nutrition by studying holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as Standford University's Food & Health course, shortly after working with family members with diabetes, PCOS, menopause insulin resistance, and obesity, amongst others.

Well + Easy was born in 2014 and since then, has helped hundreds of people like you to make lasting shifts to the way they approach food and eating so they can lose weight and keep it off.