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Take control of your health and weight naturally. Our signature program helps you lose .5-2 pounds a week, by increasing your metabolism and balancing your blood sugar, helping you feel 10x better in your body.

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Ready for support and guidance to take back your health, lose weight, and get things under control once and for all? 


✔️ Do you struggle with knowing exactly what you can and shouldn't eat? (And.. how much to eat? How many calories? Carbs or no carbs)

✔️ Want to stop hopping from diet to diet & start feeling better with a manageable and totally doable life changing eating plan?

✔️ Are you ready to learn how to eat and make easy-to-prepare yummy low GI meals you (and your family!) can enjoy?

✔️ Want access to our custom meal plans to help balance your blood sugar and manage your symptoms with more... ease?


Is this you?

  • You're looking to eat healthier and drop weight
  • You want to learn the basics of Low GI so you can make your own meals
  • You want to make this important change for yourself (and perhaps even your family)
  • You want to manage your symptoms and not get sick again
  • You want to move past your struggle with fluctuating weight to look and feel your best 
  • You need to get on the right track immediately  and need encouragement and support to get started
  • You need simple and satisfying meals and tips on making our favorite meals healthier 

You're in the right place. 

This program was designed for you.



Weekly meal plans 
300+ simple recipes 
Private community 
Monthly health classes

$149 / YEAR 

No contract. Cancel anytime.


Need smaller payments? Get started: pay monthly $29 /month

Succeeding on a low glycemic diet is not:

  • Counting every single calorie and every single carb
  • Depriving yourself of your all time favorite meals.. some of which have been passed down for generations
  • Measuring the weight of your food
  • Filling your kitchen with "diet" and "low fat" foods filled with preservatives 
  • Having more will power to stick to a restrictive diet
  • Using medication as the only way to solve underlying health issues
  • Feeling left out at family gatherings because you're "on a diet" and can't "eat anything" 


Succeeding on a low glycemic diet is:

Learning the principles of the low glycemic diet and using those rules to make better meals!

And if you're anything like me, you have no time to make sure every meal adheres to the guidelines (at least not now as you're starting out– don't worry, we teach you).

So, we've made this process painless to get you going in the right direction with perfectly balanced meals immediately!

Results you can expect

  • More sustained energy throughout the day (Goodbye afternoon slumps)
  • Reduced weight around your stomach and waistline
  • Blood sugar levels under control
  • Feeling better and lighter in your body
  • Empowered to make healthy choices when eating out, during the holidays, and at events
  • Feeling confident in your new found knowledge and confident in making better choices for yourself and your loved ones
  • Better at managing your symptoms and knowing exactly what to do to get back on track

Become a member

30+ delicious meal plans 
300+ simple recipes 
Private community 
Monthly health classes

$29 / MONTH 

No contract. Cancel anytime.


Get 6 months free when you pay annually $149 / year

What you will get 

Meals plans & Recipes

New low glycemic meal plans
released every month with a grocery list and prep guide so you have plenty of options for delicious food!

All meal plans and recipes are based on whole foods and primarily dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and soy-free

There's also plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options. 

Whether you're cooking for one or many, we've got you covered to satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

Low Glycemic cookbooks so you never run out of ideas

300+ recipes based on low glycemic nutrition + whole, real foods. 

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined Sugar-free, Soy-free with vegan and vegetarian options.

Really.. there's meals for everyone to love.

Valued at $120. You get them free with membership.

Health Classes

Diet is more than about what you eat, it's a mindset shift

Learn how to form new healthy habits and mindset shifts that will prepare you for long term success in this transition.

Eating low GI is not always easy, and reaching for foods that are not good for you is tempting but there's a scientific reason for it — and this can be rewired!

Health classes include topics on: Insulin Resistance, Diabetes support, Menopause, Goal-setting, PCOS, Confidence building, Getting the family onboard, and more.

Customized meal plans for your specific health concern 

A collection of 7-day jump start meal plans that are designed for your primary health concern

Straightforward jump start plans to aid your success, these customized meal plans include: 

PCOS Meal Plan • Diabetes Support Meal Plan • Anti-Candida Meal Plan • Weight Loss Meal Plan • Menopause Meal Plan

BONUS Transition Meal Plans!

Fall Meal Plan • Winter Meal Plan • Spring Meal Plan • Summer Meal Plan

And more released monthly.

Valued at $350. You get them free with membership.

Your health is priceless.

Private Community & Support 

No matter where you are in the world, you're not alone. 

Surrounding yourself with like-minded women on similar journeys key. We created a judgement free zone where you can show up, ask questions, celebrate your wins, lament in your losses, and be exactly who you are.

Become a member

30+ delicious meal plans 
300+ simple recipes 
Private community 
Monthly health classes

$29 / MONTH 

No contract. Cancel anytime.


Get 6 months free when you pay annually $149 / year

Who this is for & not for 

This membership is perfect for you if..

  • You can afford this membership without putting yourself in financial harm 
  • You are ready to become an expert at this diet (as you know your body best) and change your life
  • You honor yourself and your health journey
  • You are committed to giving this your all and follow the guidance given 

This is not a fit for you if..

  • This is not for you if you find it hard to navigate the computer or internet
  • You need 1:1 handholding and guidance from a personal nutritionist
  • You are not committed to making a change right now

How we're qualified to help 

Hey, I'm Jen!

I’m the resident nutrition expert and founder of Well + Easy.

How I’m qualified to help

I studied holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started Well + Easy in 2014.

I began my specialization in low glycemic diet & nutrition shortly after working with family members with diabetes, PCOS, insulin resistance and obesity amongst others.

But the truth is, all degenerative diseases, which are diseases of the cells, can be prevented, helped, or healed with a low glycemic diet, so I created this all-in-one resource to help others be successful with this lifestyle change.

I’m also the author of Whole Low Glycemic and various other low glycemic cookbooks (which are included free in this membership).

Who I help

I work with women who are done researching aka scouring the internet for solutions and ready to commit! In other words, you’re done being overwhelmed with information and ready for the guidance to change your life.

Low Glycemic eating made easy

Making healthy low GI meals shouldn't be complicated, and learning the principles of the diet shouldn't be overwhelming.

That's why we've created hundreds of low glycemic recipes and meal plans to help you make meals that you and (your family) can enjoy!  

Start today

30+ delicious meal plans 
300+ simple recipes 
Private community 
Monthly health classes

$29 / MONTH 

No contract. Cancel anytime.


Get 6 months free when you pay annually $149 / year

What's included in your membership

Meal Plans & Recipes 

Monthly meal plans and hundreds of recipes. Including grocery lists and prep guides to make it easy! 

(Valued at $2500)

Health Classes

Shift your mindset, and heal your body from the inside out.

(Valued at $750)

Private Community

Connect with others to encourage, support, celebrate and continue to grow. 


Customized Plans

Any time you need a refresher or jump start, we have plans that address your specific health issue.

(Valued at $350)

Bonuses included

Bonus: Cookbooks

All access to our library of digital Low Glycemic Eating Cookbooks

(Valued at $120)

Bonus: W+E Approved Foods

A list of low glycemic approved foods to make grocery shopping easier.

(Valued at $100)

Bonus: Planners & Tracking sheets

A free printable food journal including goal setting and tracking templates.  

(Valued at $49)

Bonus: The Clean Kitchen Challenge 

The secret ingredient to experiencing the most success on this diet is in your kitchen. Learn how to make a healthier kitchen with just a few simple shifts.

(Valued at $65)


Total membership value $3934

You pay only $29 per month

($3,905 savings)


Customizing meal plans, and developing recipes for a low glycemic diet requires countless amounts of work, hours, and diligence to get just right. 

Give yourself time back. 

Have more freedom to enjoy your Sunday afternoons.

Let us handle your meal ideas and grocery lists so you can have more ease, more joy, and more success.

Yes, I'm Ready!

30+ delicious meal plans 
300+ simple recipes 
Private community 
Monthly health classes

$29 / MONTH

No contract. Cancel anytime.


Get 6 months free when you pay annually $149 / year

Money back guarantee

Get results or your money back.

Having worked with hundreds of women, we know this knowledge yields incredible results.  

If you follow the plan and commit to the meals, you will get results.

So I'll offer you this guarantee... if you follow the plan & don't see any results after at least 60 days... we'll refund your membership amount.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind knowing that you'll get a great return on your investment! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Heart to heart 

You can purchase a book on the Low Glycemic diet and learn what you need to know. You can find some recipes online and make healthy meals for you and your family. You can continue to research on the internet to ensure you get it just right. What's this process really costing you? Time, energy, effort, sprinkled with a little bit of overwhelm.

There's a shortcut. And shortcuts aren't cheating, they're smart! For the cost of a cookbook, you can join the Eat Well, Feel Better program, learn the exact steps to transition to a whole low GI lifestyle and sustain it for the rest of your life. If that sounds good, join us. Meanwhile I'll step off the soap box. :)

If you're ready, click the "Join Now" button above and get access today.

If you have questions, feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to help!