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7-Day Insulin Resistance Meal Plan Challenge


When battling insulin resistance (when weight loss stops), many physicians recommend a low glycemic diet. Low GI foods can help reverse insulin resistance and reset your metabolism to get it back in fat burning mode. Insulin resistance didn't happen overnight, so it doesn't go away overnight. The sooner you start healing, the sooner you'll start feeling and seeing the difference. We've got a very non-boring approach for you.


A done-for-you nutrition program expertly developed by a nutritionist using the Glycemic Index.

  • Low GI certified
  • 16 easy-to-make, tasty recipes that you can add to your recipe archives and enjoy again and again
  • A grocery list including everything you need and in what quantity
  • Meal prep guide to make it easy to prepare meals in advance or on the day of
  • Nutrition facts so you know exactly what's in your meals from sugar to carbs

Why you'll love this plan
A weight loss plan that doesn't feel like a diet.

This is the ultimate plan for those who love to cook and eat healthy, yet don't want to give up their favorite dishes. 

Look no further for cooking inspiration as this book has been developed by a qualified nutritional advisor. Low GI certified means that every recipe is meticulously crafted based on guidelines from nutritionists and physiologists so all taste buds are guaranteed happy while reducing your beautiful waistline.


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