You’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight but the scale doesn’t budge. You want to get healthy and manage chronic conditions but it’s HARD

Well + Easy Living Membership

Make low glycemic eating as easy as brushing your teeth
Nutritionist designed, low GI, weight management meal plans for women who want step-by-step support to lose weight and get healthy

Perfect for weight management, PCOS, Pre-Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Menopause


“Sticking to a “diet” is a struggle. I cave and go back to my old ways.” 

FACT: Finding the perfect “diet” is like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

For NO fault of yours. 

That’s right. 

Because let’s look at what happens when you try to lose weight and manage your chronic health conditions. 

You hear about a diet that’s worked for a family member or a friend. 

You wanna try it out for yourself. You’re excited and committed. 

In no time at all, you find yourself ordering cookbooks off Amazon, drawing up menu plans, and adding a bunch of healthy foods and snacks to your Instacart order. 

And then … 

… reality strikes. 

  • Your day job is high-octane and so stressful you find yourself heating up a frozen lasagna from the freezer in the evening. That salad you made with the best intentions lies wilting and ignored at the back of the fridge. 
  • You travel with the family and measuring portions isn’t possible any longer. So, you stop for a few days, and well … now that you’re off the diet, you don’t want to go back! 
  • You cut out carbs only to morph into Molly McMeanie. Snapping at your kids (or co-workers!) becomes your new normal and you find yourself losing friends fast. #notyourbestself
  • You try so hard. 

none of the diets make it easy for you to drop weight and worse … none of them are sustainable. 

You never know how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it. It’s like playing a game of food Jenga, dangerously guessing your way through the day. 

You may decide to take an (expensive!) leap and work with a nutritionist but making all those special meals, shakes and smoothies eat into whatever little free time you have. 

The short-term fixes are followed by long-term exhaustion. And gaping holes in your confidence and budget!


You can’t give up. You won’t give up. 


Because your health and the quality of your life
depend on you being in the best shape ever.

  • You want to feel fitter and healthier. You want to be able to outrun your kids (or grandkids!). 
  • You want your blood sugar levels to come down and reduce inflammation in a way that’s natural and without extra medication.
  • You want to feel great when you wake up in the morning and stay energized throughout the day. Mood swings are no longer your enemy number one.

At the same time … you want easy-to-follow plans and steps so you aren’t floundering when you hit Aldi’s at 7 PM after a long and hard day. You know you’ll succeed and stick with a plan when you can build it into your everyday lifestyle, instead of it being yet another “diet.” You’re on a budget and buying organic quinoa every week isn’t an option. 

You don’t want to make “special” meals or measure out portions painstakingly each time you need to eat. Let’s be honest … eating kale while the family munches on popcorn during movie night isn’t a long-term solution. 

Basically … 

… ALL you want is to lose weight as fast as you can in the healthiest way possible. 


 Is that too much to ask for?

Not at all.


The Well + Easy Living Membership

The Well + Easy Living Membership is your overwhelm-free, one-stop solution to demystifying healthy eating using the Low GI Diet and making it an integral part of your life. 

You no longer second-guess your way through your meal plans and eat in a way that’s sustainable for your lifestyle and your budget. 

Best part? 

You see those pounds melt away (and stay away!) and your overall health does a 360.

You’re no longer on a diet. You just eat in a much better way. Because you know what to eat and how to make it truly delicious for your family and you.

Here’s how you’ll give yourself the gift of good health
and sustainable weight loss


Making lifestyle changes is SO much easier when you have the right guidance. 

This guided GI onboarding is the first thing you’ll see when you log in to your Well + Easy Membership. 

You’ll not only understand how to get the most out of Well + Easy but also make vital mindset shifts so you can start to step into your new reality, gain motivation and commit to a healthier, fitter, leaner YOU! 

BONUS! Printable Meal Planner

You’ll make your new way of eating so much easier for yourself with this pretty printable Nutrition Journal and Meal Planner.This planner will be your perk-me-up guide because it’ll remind you of your vision while also giving you quick tips on healthy swaps, meal planning, and more!

BONUS! The 28-Day Protocol Habit Tracker

What gets tracked gets improved. Print out this habit tracker so you can stay motivated and see your progress too!


You get instant access to over 150+ delicious recipes for all meals and everything in between. PLUS new meal plans are released EVERY week so you’ll never run short of ideas of what to make! 

ALL meal plans come with grocery lists and prep guides so you’re well prepared when you start cooking. 

And yes, meal plans and recipes are primarily sugar-free, dairy-free with vegan and vegetarian options. There’s something for everyone! Even the pickiest of eaters.


Your membership gives you instant access to my best-selling Whole Low GI Cookbook with 41 step-by-step recipes that are sugar-free, grain-free, and dairy-free too! PLUS you get access to Low GI SUPER SIMPLE Cookbook,  Family Cookbook, Vegan Cookbook and MORE!


Continue making those powerful mindset shifts with our health classes and discover how to form lasting habits and create long-term success.These laser-focused health classes cover a wide range of topics so you’re informed but not overwhelmed.

Topics include: Insulin Resistance, Diabetes Support, PCOS, Menopause, Goal Setting, Ordering at Restaurants, Reading Nutrition Labels, Cocktails & Alcoholic Beverages 101, and MORE!


Whether you’re dealing with insulin resistance, PCOS, menopause, diabetes … you’ll find a 7-day meal plan to jumpstart your success

No second-guessing, no overwhelm, no frustration!

BONUS! Approved Brands (Value: $50)

Never again wonder what brand of bread, pasta, or nutrition bars to pick up when you’re grocery shopping! My easy-to-navigate Approved Brands portal will make it easy for you to find the best Low GI brands for ALL food groups, including soups, sauces, snacks, sweets, and MORE!

Private Community & Support (Value: $1000)

The Well + Easy Membership community is where you can ask me your burning questions, share recipe pics, and get support. Most importantly, this is your community to share those struggles but also those wins! 

We’re in this together, you and I!

A total value of $2,335 that you get for less than a dollar a day!

Most importantly, Well + Easy Living is an investment in
finally getting the support you need so you can enjoy sustainable weight loss and make a lifestyle shift that lasts. 

No more Googling your way to getting a hold on stress eating and feeling healthy. No more relying on random hacks and Band-aid fixes that leave you feeling more frustrated than ever. No more yo-yoing your way through losing weight. Your health is priceless.

The Pocket-Friendly Monthly


  • Guided Low GI Diet Onboarding
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Low Glycemic Cookbooks
  • Health Classes
  • Concern-Specific Customized Meal Plans
  • Private Community and Support
  • BONUS! Printable Meal Planner
  • BONUS! The 28-Day Protocol Habit Tracker
  • BONUS! Approved Brands

The Money-Saver Annual


Includes 6 months free!

  • Guided Low GI Diet Onboarding
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Low Glycemic Cookbooks
  • Health Classes
  • Concern-Specific Customized Meal Plans
  • Private Community and Support
  • BONUS! Printable Meal Planner
  • BONUS! The 28-Day Protocol Habit Tracker
  • BONUS! Approved Brands 


  • Includes 6 months free
  • 30-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart Program ($297 value)

Meet the Nutritionist Behind Well + Easy Living

Hey, I'm Jen!

I’m the resident nutrition expert and founder of Well + Easy.

As a child, I remember telling my Mom I wanted to be like Oprah and help people. 

Well, I’m nowhere close to being like Oprah but I am helping people! That’s a start, right? ;) 

I began my specialization in low glycemic diet and nutrition by studying holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as Standford University's Food & Health course, shortly after working with family members with diabetes, PCOS, insulin resistance, and obesity, amongst others.

Well + Easy was born in 2014 and since then, has helped hundreds of people like you to make lasting shifts to the way they approach food and eating so they can lose weight and keep it off! 

I’m also the author of Whole Low Glycemic and 6 other low glycemic cookbooks (which are included free in this membership!).

“Thank you SO much, Jen. I’ve been doing really well with low GI food. You know what … I just made my husband a batch of cookies for his trip and I didn’t even care to eat one. It’s like a miracle!”

Jul Hil

“I’m excited about the simple approach with this program and having the meal plans laid out for me so I can learn to plan my own low GI meals eventually!”

Maureen F.

“You put me on the right track because I had no idea what or what not to eat”

Bettie Schroeder

Now I know you may be thinking...


“Jen, I’ve heard the low glycemic diet seems very complicated. Will it work for me?!”


The short answer? 


The reason the low glycemic diet feels overwhelming is that most people jump in feet first or read a book that may overcomplicate this way of eating. 

The other reason that most people may struggle with a GI diet is that other diets can oversimplify weight loss with quick-fix hacks rather than long-term solutions. I mean, can you imagine drinking a smoothie every night for dinner or giving up bread for good? I can’t

In fact, here’s how a low GI diet differs from ALL other diets in the wild! 


  • Enjoying eating in a way that leads to lasting changes and long-term weight loss without counting every carb and calorie 
  • Continuing to enjoy your favorite foods, including bread, pasta, and even desserts 
  • Ending the struggle of weighing your food  
  • Saving money because you don’t have to get “low fat” foods from the specialty store!  
  • Building habits instead of relying on willpower
  • Using food to heal your body from the inside out 
  • Celebrating with the family without feeling any guilt around what you eat


  • Counting every single calorie and every single carb
  • Depriving yourself of your all-time favorite meals ... some of which have been passed down for generations
  • Measuring the weight of your food
  • Filling your kitchen with "diet" and "low fat" foods filled with preservatives 
  • Needing more willpower to stick to a restrictive diet
  • Using medication as the only way to solve underlying health issues
  • Feeling left out at family gatherings because you're "on a diet" and “can't eat anything"


It all starts with understanding how the science works so you can confidently and consistently make healthy eating a part of your life. Yes, you can lose weight and keep it off.  When you join Well + Easy Living, you’ll take a gently guided approach to understanding the foundations of low glycemic eating first and make informed decisions with confidence. NOT overwhelm!

You’ll have ALL the resources you need at your fingertips so you aren’t wasting hours Googling recipes or plans. 

Best of all? 

You’ll have me to guide you every step of the way and a community to lean on. Because losing weight and living healthy can feel so much easier when you do it together! 

Don’t believe me though …

Take the Well + Easy Living Membership Tour to see for yourself.



What is your health costing you right now? Customizing meal plans, and developing recipes for a low glycemic diet requires countless amounts of work, hours, and diligence to get just right. 

You have SO much to do already. You don’t need another thing on your overcrowded plate. 

Invest in your health so you can spend more time with your loved ones. Have the freedom to enjoy Sunday afternoons heading to the dog park with your fur baby instead of stressing over next week’s meals! 

Let me handle your meal ideas and grocery lists so you can have more ease, more joy, and more success at sustainable weight loss.

Let me be clear though … This membership is NOT for everyone


This is not a fit for you if …

You find it hard to navigate the computer or internet

❌You are not committed to making a change right now

❌You need 1:1 handholding and guidance from a personal nutritionist


The Well + Easy Living Membership is for women who are ready to … 

✓ Lose weight sustainably (
without feeling stuck or lost!) while eating healthier

Build the mindset needed to succeed without feeling like they’re losing out

Stop Googling their way to good health and start getting reliable support

Understand the fundamentals of Low GI so they can make their own meals

Put an end to yo-yo diets, stress eating, and second-guessing portion sizes 

Manage chronic health conditions (like diabetes or PCOS) with confidence

Have more energy, improved mental health and a much better relationship with food

Enjoy a variety of simple and satisfying meals that are a breeze to make even on tight budgets

Sounds like you?

Your membership is protected by my Guilt-Free Guarantee

Investing in your health can feel like you’re jumping into the deep end of the pool when you don’t know how to swim. SCARY! 

Except when you enroll in Well + Easy Living, you have a lifeboat aka my Guilt-Free Guarantee. 

If you don't LOVE the membership you can cancel at any time AND keep access until your month or year is up. You can download all of the recipes, meal plans, cookbooks and more to keep for life.

No contracts. No fine print. If you don't love it, you can cancel and will no longer be charged.

"This is so helpful, I can’t express enough how much easier it makes meal planning for us, and all the topics you post and explain are so insightful (loved the one on alcohol last week). The work you do is incredible, and is having a very big impact on us, so thank you!"

Jennifer C.

"I have been eating this way now for a couple weeks and I don’t have crashes, I’ve even lost a pound and a half. And I don’t ache from the inflammation from sugar. Plus, the cravings for all the bad sugar are so much less! I’m really enjoying learning all about this way of living and I am sharing with my sister, Melissa, because she has been struggling so much with the sugar bingeing."

Julie H.

"I joined because I had tried a sample menu [Low GI Starter Kit] on Well + Easy and it helped regulate my sugar."

Cheryl H.

Hey there, soon-to-be-new friend! 


I know the diet world can feel like the Wild West! You have so many choices and opinions to wade through. It’s overwhelming! 

Deep breath. 

Because you’re in the right place. You’re making a decision that will give you the guidance and support you need so you can lose weight and enjoy more energy all day long. 

Imagine this… 

You look at your reflection in the mirror and you love how your face glows with good health. Your blood sugar levels are under control and you’re feeling so much lighter in your body. You manage your symptoms so much better too!

Your waistline has shrunk and your clothes are fitting you better. Even those skinny jeans. You look and feel like a million bucks!

You no longer feel overwhelmed at the idea of eating at a restaurant. You’re confident in your newfound knowledge and make healthy choices from the menus, during the holidays, and at events.

Most importantly, you know how to get back on track should you slip once in a while. You no longer beat yourself up. 

You feel like a new person, friend. 

I see this for you. I hope you do too. ❤️

I’ll see you on the inside. 



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