Low Glycemic Diet for Sustainable Weight Management

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Praise for Well + Easy


“Thank you SO much, Jen. I’ve been doing really well with low GI food. You know what … I just made my husband a batch of cookies for his trip and I didn’t even care to eat one. It’s like a miracle!”

Jul Hil 

You put me on the right track because I had no idea what or what not to eat”

Bettie Schroeder

"This is so helpful, I can’t express enough how much easier it makes meal planning for us. The work you do is incredible, and is having a very big impact on us, so thank you!"

Jennifer C.

I’m excited about the simple approach with this and having the meal plan laid out for me so I can learn to plan my own low GI meals eventually!”

Maureen F. 

"For people who are struggling to manage their weight, or their blood sugar levels, eating foods that have a low glycemic index is especially important, but choosing low glycemic foods is generally a good idea for all of us."

Maya Adam, MD
Lecturer, Stanford School of Medicine

Who were are & what we do

Well + Easy helps women in their 30's, and 40's find the right balance and reclaim their health, naturally 🌱

Hey! I'm Jen, and I developed Well + Easy as a simple and effective path to sustainable weight loss and long-term weight management through low GI. 

We make low GI practical and teach you the fundamentals so you don't have to "diet" or count anything, ever. Best way to get started? Discover our simple eating plan.


"I have lost 20 lbs and that includes being sedentary the entire time"

The low GI plan is working wonders for me. Since the beginning of 2022, I have lost 20 lbs. That includes being sedentary the entire time due to other health issues. I'm 6 lbs from my target weight and I feel really good.  I really feel the anti-inflammatory benefits of this diet are amazing. The other thing that I find amazing is, that I don't feel like I'm putting any effort into doing this. It comes very easily. Thank you.

Esther M. 


What to eat to get your hormones & weight under control

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